It all started with one ball in 1998

On August 7th 1998, at the age of 7, I was lucky enough to go to see the Atlanta braves play the giants at candlestick park. I grew up a braves fan and the in 90’s the braves rotation was unstoppable, and in 98, especially Tom Glavine.

Upon arriving at the game I was lucky enough to be able to sit front row and watch tom warm up with my father. Once he was done my dad pointed down at me, and asked if he could have his warm up ball, and Leo Mazzone tossed him the ball. I was the happiest kid in the stadium, no doubt, and went on to watch one on the best pitchers ever to take the hill shut out the giants that night.

Tom Glavine went onto take the Cy Young award that year, and had his new biggest fan.

As we headed home from that game I asked if we could go back the next day and get another ball, and my father said “now don’t get your hopes up Ryan, some people go their whole lives and never get a ball, be happy you got one”.

Since that day I have hawked over 100 bp balls, 16 game balls, and my father has eaten his words, blaming himself for my addiction. This year I have season tickets for the first time and hope to get over 100 bp balls this year alone, and hopefully homer!

This blog will be me chronicling the events of the season, and keeping tracks of my ball numbers.